Vertical Pull Adapter for CTU

Vertical Pull Adapter for CTU

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Product Information

The Vertical Pull Adapter attaches to the Dual-Purpose Cervical Traction Unit, replacing the door stop. It allows more ease of use and range of motion when using the Dual-Purpose CTU at home. The Vertical Pull Adapter extends the distance between the door and the Dual-Purpose CTU approximately 6 inches to replicate in-clinic use.

How to Use Vertical Pull Adapter for CTU

The Vertical Pull Adapter is an accessory that goes with the Dual-Purpose Cervical Traction Unit. Place the Vertical Pull Adapter over the door and close the door. Pull down on the lower loop of the door stop to ensure the stopper is snug. Adjust the height to ensure that curved piece hangs slightly lower than the back of the head. Depending on your height, you may need to tie a knot in the rope to have the Dual-Purpose Cervical Traction Unit at the proper height. To adjust the height, loosen or tighten the strap by removing the Dual-Purpose Cervical Traction Unit and Vertical Pull Adapter from the door and adjusting the straps on the Vertical Pull Adapter to increase or decrease the strap length as needed.

Discover the Health Benefits of Vertical Pull Adapter for CTU

The Vertical Pull Adapter works hand in hand with the Cervical Traction Unit, which is vital in restoring normal cervical motion, reducing cervical subluxation, and helps maintain proper adjustments. The Vertical Pull Adapter is a key component as it changes the dynamic of the CTU and allows one to utilize the CTU to its highest performance.

  • Restores normal cervical motion
  • Helps maintain proper chiropractic adjustments
  • Reduces cervical subluxation

NOTE: Always consult your MaxLiving Doctor’s recommendation on the use of spinal correction items. If at any time you experience unusual pain or discomfort, please stop all exercises and contact your doctor immediately. 

MAINTENANCE PER MANUFACTURER: It is advised to maintain the items and replaced as needed - especially if they are under constant use. If wear is noticed, replace immediately. If used in a clinic setting, replace often to maintain the unit's strength.