Maximizing Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Newborn

What impacts your health also impacts your family. If you are a mother, currently pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you will want to take the right precautions to having a healthy family, a healthy baby, and staying healthy yourself. How you eat and the nutrients you get play a significant role for both you and your family. 

During pregnancy, you’re nourishing you and your baby. You want to choose the nutrient-rich foods that help you and your baby need to thrive. They can also help you maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.

When you obtain ideal amounts of those nutrients during pregnancy, you: 

  • Reduce the risk of birth defect
  • Support healthy brain development 
  • Ensure a healthy birth weight for your baby 
  • Reduce your risk of pregnancy-related symptoms
  • Improve labor and delivery 

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Pregnancy is one of the great miracles of life. Unfortunately, we live in a time when pregnancy is viewed and treated as a medical condition rather than a natural process.

Women are “managed,” which consists of being treated, poked, prodded, tethered to equipment, and pushed into unwanted and/or unnecessary interventions, often removing them from the beautiful, natural process of childbirth. Innocent and trusting expectant mothers tend to be medicated through their deliveries, often missing out on the full experience of the miracle of natural childbirth.

This book’s holistic approach includes healthy essentials and comprehensive examples of what a natural birth should ultimately consist of. It lays out the miracle of life in a way that brings a woman to a place where she can reclaim her God-given potential and gift.

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Prenatal Health Perspective

Pregnancy is a very exciting and complex process. During pregnancy, a developing baby relies on the mother for all of its food and nutrients. It is critical to consume a variety of nutrients to effectively supply both the mother and baby. A prenatal supplement can help to fill in the gaps between food consumed and common nutrient deficiencies experienced during pregnancy. In addition, during the process of pregnancy, expecting mothers are faced with numerous decisions, challenges, and opinions in regards to caring for themselves during pregnancy. 

Talk to your qualified healthcare practitioner about incorporating these and other strategies for optimal prenatal health and wellness.

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