Processed Meat and Cancer - How They Are Linked

Processed Meats and 

Cancer Connection

Processed meats — sausages, lunch meats, and other meats that have been preserved in some form should be avoided for a healthier life and to prevent cancer. 

The British Journal of Cancer found a new link in eating processed meats and the formation of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is one of the types of cancers that boast the highest mortality rate amongst all cancers. The study confirms that eating processed meats daily increases the risk of developing pancreatic cancer up to 38 percent. The data was gathered from 11 clinical trials and over 6,000 pancreatic cancer patients and concluded that this deadly condition can be caused by what is in your refrigerator.

Pancreatic cancer is classified the fourth most common cause of cancer death in the United States.

Although it is not as common as many other cancers, it is responsible for 6 percent of cancer deaths each year. In 2010, it was estimated that over 40,000 people were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It has been found that 95 percent of pancreatic cancer victims die within 5 years of diagnosis.

The use of preserving agents such as nitrites was found to be the link in the production of cancer. These agents have been known to be severe carcinogens for many years. Despite numerous scientific studies confirming the link, processed meats have suspiciously stayed on the market. The methods used for processing meats include preserving, canning, freezing, refrigeration, and dehydration. Many processed meats are made with unhealthy trans-fats, saturated fats, and large amounts of sodium and sugar.

The immune system works to prevent and fight infections in the body. It is composed of many cells, proteins, tissues, and organs that work together to recognize and fight off antigens, or foreign substances that create disease. Usually, the immune system effectively protects the body from infections. However, certain conditions and lifestyle practices can weaken the immune system, causing increased susceptibility to illness and disease. You can strengthen your immune system and help prevent diseases by following healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors.

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Cell Support Perspective

The body is made up of trillions of cells which grow and divide for different functions. When cells become damaged or old, they are replaced by new cells. Cancer is the abnormal and out-of-control division and growth of cells.(1) These cells can spread throughout the body, and even into the blood and lymph nodes.(1) Sadly, cancer is a fairly common disease. One statistic found that an estimated 1.8 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer in the year 2020.(2)

The good news is that 95% of cancer is associated with environment and lifestyle, making certain preventative strategies beneficial.(3) Talk your MaxLiving Chiropractor about incorporating these and other strategies for healthy cancer risk reduction.

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