Women's Health

What impacts your health also impacts your family. If you are a mother, currently pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you will want to take the right precautions to having a healthy family, a healthy baby, and staying healthy yourself. How you eat and the nutrients you get play a significant role for both you and your family. 

Overall, women are healthier than men. You’re more likely to make better food choices. You’re also more proactive about your health, visiting your healthcare practitioner more often than men. As a result, you’re more likely to live longer: On average about six to eight years longer than men.

When you’re not well, though, nobody benefits! When you show up as your best, on the other hand, you become a role model for your family and loved ones. You’re able to show up more fully for them, which inspires others to be at their best.

5 Healthy Tips for Women

  1. Increase fruits and vegetables. Eating a colorful array of plant foods can reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases in women.  These delicious recipes make “eat your vegetables” fun instead of a chore. Our Greek Greens allows you to combine your favorite leafy greens with yummy feta cheese and olives.
  2. Fit in exercise without the time commitment. To be at your best, you need strong bones. Exercise that includes resistance training is the best choice to preserve and improve bone mineral density. Our Max T3 program gives you a full-body, no-excuses workout in just 12 minutes.
  3. Prioritize sleep. Compared with men, women have a greater need for sleep. During certain periods in a woman’s life – pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause – women have an increased risk of sleep disorders, including insomnia. 
  4. Stabilize stress. Women are more likely to report intense stress – stress that ranks an eight or above on a 10-point scale – compared with men.
  5. Make supplementing easy. Even with our Core or Advanced Plans, meeting your nutrient needs can be a challenge. Two case studies found that only supplements can significantly boost nutrient levels that protect against infections and support overall health.

Women's Health Products

Prenatal Health Perspective

Pregnancy is a very exciting and complex process. During pregnancy, a developing baby relies on the mother for all of its food and nutrients. It is critical to consume a variety of nutrients to effectively supply both the mother and baby. A prenatal supplement can help to fill in the gaps between food consumed and common nutrient deficiencies experienced during pregnancy. In addition, during the process of pregnancy, expecting mothers are faced with numerous decisions, challenges, and opinions in regards to caring for themselves during pregnancy. 

Talk to your qualified healthcare practitioner about incorporating these and other strategies for optimal prenatal health and wellness.

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