Inflatable Wobble Cushion


Inflatable Wobble Cushion


Product Information

The MaxLiving Inflatable Wobble Cushion, also known as a stability cushion, exercise disc, balance cushion, or stability disc, is a simple, round inflatable device used to strengthen core stability and improve balance. A wobble cushion is strong enough to sit and stand on with the benefits of an unstable surface. Use it as a fun and easy way to warm up and stretch your spine throughout the day. One side has a knobbed surface, the other has a ribbed surface for easy grip. Withstands 500 pounds of pressure. Can be re-inflated using the pump included or a standard hand pump and pump adapter/needle (not included).

What's included in each box:

  • Pre-inflated wobble cushion with updated color (charcoal gray)
  • instruction manual with exercises
  • pump
  • polybag

NOTE: Always consult your MaxLiving Doctor's recommendation on the use of spinal correction items. By purchasing this equipment, you agree that you will not hold MaxLiving liable for injury as a result of use. If at any time you experience unusual pain or discomfort, please stop all exercises and contact your doctor immediately.

How to use

For optimal outcomes, your MaxLiving Doctor might suggest incorporating this item with other products from the Homecare Kit. Set your Inflatable Wobble Cushion on a sturdy chair surface and utilize it for stability exercises while seated. Follow the exercise routine recommended by your doctor, typically involving movements from side to side, front to back, and rotation. While maintaining control, aim to sense your spine undergoing its entire range of motion. Remember, this is an exercise, so feeling your muscles working is normal. Perform these exercises twice daily, or as advised by your doctor (in many cases, they can be done more frequently). To adjust the range of motion, you can inflate or deflate it using a sports ball needle (not included).


It is advised to maintain the items and replaced as needed - especially if they are under constant use. If wear is noticed, replace immediately. If used in a clinic setting, replace often to maintain the unit's strength.

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Quality Matters

At MaxLiving, we hold our products to the same high standards as our chiropractic care, reflecting our dedication to your well-being. Just as chiropractic care supports spine and nervous system function, our products nourish you from the inside-out, working together to unlock your body’s innate healing potential. MaxLiving Products are:
  • Formulated by doctors

  • Made with natural ingredients

  • Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

  • Free from preservatives,hormones, and nonsense


What Makes PurePath Different?

Dedicated to unparalleled quality, PurePath stands apart through our unwavering commitments:
Dedicated to unparalleled quality, PurePath stands apart through our unwavering commitments:
  • Never Artificial Flavors

  • Never Any Vegetable Oils

  • Never Any Additives or Fillers

  • Never Pesticides or Herbicides

  • Every Product Third-Party Tested

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